BTS Bridal Shoot

Do you ever sit back and just think outside of the box on a few things?   Or, do you ever say to yourself, “I just want to do something different!”?  Well, funny thing is, we do too!  In fact we do it all the time!  When it comes to events and weddings, we look to stand out from the norm, while being sophisticated, elegant, and edgy.   So, as a company, we sat down and thought about how we could do a project that would show our social media followers, clients and potential clients a more distinctive side to us that we thought they could relate to and be excited about.  As event and wedding consultants (as well as designers) we knew amazing images would definitely play a big part!  So what did we finally decide to do?  Plan a stylized bridal shoot!  Coordinating a bridal shoot with designer gowns, handsome tuxedos, gorgeous venue backdrops, and of course exquisite models, would surely prove to be a recipe for cake a la mode!  To set the stage for the photo-shoot, we set our sights on the gorgeous Eilan Resort and Spa in San Antonio, TX.

eilan resort and spa

eilan entrance

This is a luxury resort with a Tuscan feel.  It has amazing views of the city, beautiful pathways that encompass a train track running straight through the courtyard, several unique photo locations, quaint bistro style store fronts, and a dynamic staircase leading to their grand water fountain.  It’s perfect for weddings and social events (    It was a great choice venue for this shoot.  We then began reaching out to other event professionals that we had been in contact with for some time to help us produce the project.


One of them is all-star photography company Raven Red Photography .  We had admired the work and the story-telling in the images that Raven Red produced.  We knew it would be a great partnership on our styled photo-shoot venture!  Particularly, Angela Michelle of Raven Red Photography was great to work with!  She had so many suggestions for us and took lead in a very fast paced environment. We loved it! Check out more of Raven Red Photography at and on facebook at


Another key part to our styled shoot was the video production.  We thought: why not show clients that we take event and wedding coordination to a top notch level by implementing our project management skills in every event we do?   This led us to calling on a particular videographer that had many years of experience in videography, to include film.  Film work?  Yes, we liked the sound of that!  Gerry Olert helped direct our behind the scenes video which captured us orchestrating the production while having an amazing time with our entire team.  Gerry was everywhere we needed to be and knew his angles very well.  He also worked hand and hand with us during the editing process to ensure we had just the right touches.   See more of Gerry’s work at

Now of course, we wouldn’t have great images without the styling!  Impressions Bridal of San Antonio, TX supplied our designer gowns.


Brides, if you haven’t visited Impressions Bridal in San Antonio to try on a gown or two, you NEED to do it!  Their bridal boutique is very chic and very spacious!  As for us, we had the best time working with store manager Jennifer, as she gladly helped us pull garments and style the models.  All of her store assistants were extremely friendly and helpful.  Visit Impressions Bridal online at







Our male models looked very dapper in their custom fitted tuxedos from Alamo Heights Tuxedo in San Antonio. Rob of Heights Tuxedo was great to work with!  He is customer focused, friendly, and accommodating. Rob listened to what we wanted in terms of style and made sure that we had everything on time.   If you find yourself in a time constraint Rob has also been known to bring tuxedos to your location.  How awesome is that?!  Look at more of the tuxedo line at  IMG_8236

We also have to say that our hearts melted over our amazing makeup artists.  We ladies here at Principles in Action Consulting were glammed up at the


shoot by the fabulous Donoma Redbird.    She had an amazing eye for color and worked extremely fast.  We were moving fast past and barely had time to sit down for our beautifying moment, but Donoma took the wheel and made magic happen!  Check out more of Donoma’s work at   Now, we MUST tell you about this incredible makeup artist named Dora Vera!  When we tell you that you can “get the look” we mean it!  Dora came on the scene and did a phenomenal job.


She was so multifaceted from being a stellar makeup artist who works quickly and knows how to enhance faces, to being very mobile, quick on her feet and extremely sweet when doing it all!  We truly recommend her for your special day!  Visit Dora’s website at and book a consultation with her; you won’t regret it!

Because of all these wonderful event professionals, we were able to take a well-planned project that could have proven to be stressful, into a day of extreme laughter and incredible images.

{Rhobin’s Nest} A True Love Story

We always talk about preplanned weddings. When everyone is involved in the wedding, from the groom’s family to the brides, the invitations are sent, the linens are picked out, the altar  is set. This wedding, however, was not like any other wedding.outdoor wedding7

Before you read about Rhobin’s fantastic ONE OF A KIND surprise wedding, let me tell you a bit about me and her.

Robin has done a couple of weddings as a photographer for us before and we have become great friends.  She has always talked about this wedding and having me be her planner.  She finally did it and she called us.


For her own wedding, she did the Pick Up Where We Left Off Package and we coordinated a few vendors. Her wedding was rustic and vintage themed and it was so much fun!  We got to even wear Jeans!!!   They had a fire out there because it was a pretty chilly day.  My team and I had a lot of fun, however, on the day of the wedding her DJ decided he wouldn’t be able to make it!

outdoor wedding3

Yikes! Now that called for my quick thinking.  Within 1 hour I found her a DJ that saved the day for us and he was indeed amazing!

Please read Rhobin’s beautiful love story here.. and I’d advice you keep a hanky in hand because later don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

outdoor wedding2

outdoor wedding5

outdoor wedding1

outdoor wedding4

Photography credits: Christina Ramirez Photography:

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