Hosting Happy Endings: How To Turn Your Property Into A Wedding Venue

How important is a wedding venue?

Read what experts have to say about the several factors that come into play when you have to book a wedding location for your fairy tale wedding!

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What’s Your Bridal Personality?

Even if you haven’t found your Prince Charming just yet, it can be fun to think about what bride you would be. Would you be the whimsical dreamer, the girl that has been scrapbooking her wedding since she was 5 years old? Or would you be the Bridezilla, demanding everything be just so of both your staff and your friends, the stuff of nightmares?

While each bride is unique, many fall into one (or more!) of these amazing categories.


The Whimsical Dreamer

She’s the girl that’s been planning her special day since the day she found out she could have one. She knew what her cake, dress and seating arrangement would be 10 years before she even found Mister Right.

She’s got beautiful but unrealistic ideas of what’s going to happen on her wedding day (while a legion of toddlers wearing wings dressed like cherubs tossing white rose petals down the aisle SOUNDS fantastic, the reality is a logistical nightmare). The reception may or may not be more of a disaster, especially when only half the guests have a place to sit.


The Über Bride

The Über Bride’s motto is “Be Prepared”.

She’s like the Whimsical Dreamer with the depth and madness of her planning abilities – but she’s practical, pragmatic and super organized! She’s collected items and ideas for years, and you won’t find her anywhere near a vendor or a planner without her thick, well researched and super organized planner.

Details matter to this bride, and both the ceremony and reception will be planned down to the letter. She may get upset if things don’t go to plan, and keeping control of everything at all times is important to her.

Did You Know: Weddings, like most things in life, don’t always go exactly as planned? It’s true! We at Principals in Action will work hard to make sure your special day will not only reflect you as a couple, but create magical memories that you and your guests will cherish for years to come!


The Wishy Washy Bride

“It’s just not what I want, you know what I mean?”

This bride means well, but she’s having trouble committing to the task at hand. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants, and she’ll look at sample after sample after sample, hoping that the next thing will be the magic thing that will make the ceremony work.

Sadly, for most Wishy Washy brides, the wedding can end up a total disaster. If she can’t make the choices in time she’ll end up with a wishy-washy wedding that will be neither enjoyable nor memorable.


The Bride with the Overbearing Mom

This bride desperately wants to make her wedding reflect her and her husband to be’s desires and wishes, but her mom (or worse, mother in law) won’t get out of the way. Mom will repeatedly go on and on about how this is her wedding and it’s her way of the highway.

Her mother may even go so far as to sabotage relationships with vendors or change seating arrangements and meal selections behind the bride’s back – always trying to help, of course. This bride will be helpless to defy her mother… without help!


The Shoestring Budget Bride

This bride has dreams of opulence – rented ballrooms, banquet halls and silk banners falling from the 3 story rafters in a beautiful centuries old church…

But she’s on a shoestring budget. She needs help figuring out what kind of wedding she can really afford, not just dream about. A mix of the Dreamer and Wishy Washy bride types, things can get messy – but with some saving, careful planning and ingenuity she can (as Tim Gunn always says) make it work!


You may actually fit into one or more of these bridal archetypes (or none at all, everyone’s different!) – but no matter who you are, Principals in Action has been planning beautiful weddings in San Antonio and will help you get the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. Get your free consultation by filling out our free consultation form, phone us at 210 833 6473 or email us at and get started today!

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{Sweetheart Sorority} Omega & Delta Wedding

With changing times, the weddings trends have also taken the revolutionary road. While the couples may be tweaking the old customs some of them are still sticking to old school and celebrating weddings in the most traditional manner. One such couple that we absolutely had the most fun with the Sorority couples, Dwayine and Catrina or rather better known as Omega and Delta.

A little history….

Delta Sigma Theta (ΔΣΘ), a non-profit Greek-lettered sorority of college-educated women; these women are best known for their public services emphasizing on the African American community. 22 collegiate women founded this sorority Delta Sigma Theta at Howard University in 1913.  Advancement in academics and helping people in need was their motive and this is what these amazing women are best known for.

On the other hand, Omega Psi Phi (ΩΨΦ) the Groom’s fraternity was founded in 1911 by three Howard University students and their advisor. These men of honor work together in order to honor value and find other men so to build a team that can help others in various fields of life.

Our sorority couple opted for “sand ceremony” which is in lieu of the the unity candle ceremony. In this Unity Sand Ceremony, the couple choose to fill out a vase with two different colors of sand. The result is quite a beautiful mix of sand colors and becomes a great wedding memoir as well. Our sorority couples chose their respective colors for the sand ceremony. Now how cute is that?

An extremely fun wedding shoot followed as the wedding ceremony concluded. It’s great to see both the bridal party and groomsmen having fun together which makes the photography session much more unique and memorable!

The decor was set in shades of purple white and red to accentuate the colors of each of their affiliations. All in all, we had the most fun seeing this couple pulling off old customs in the most unique manner. Did I tell you their first dance was a Waltz? Great great fun it was to see this couple enjoying and living their moment with the rest of their loved ones!

A Big Shout Out to our wonderful vendors!

Wedding Consultant:  Principles In Action Event and Wedding Design

Ceremony:  Greenspoint Missionary Baptist Church

Reception, Catering and Design:        Houston Ballroom

Photographer:  Glenn Wilburn, Images

Cake:  Bavarian Cakery

DJ- Mr Taylor