Visionary: Ansonya Burke

Proprietress and Principle Consultant

Visionary Proprietress and Principal Consultant, Ansonya L. Burke, brings incredible organizational and project management skills and the ability to logistically handle details and creativity to produce an extravagant event! She has been molded by her expansive leadership and motivation to provide excellence.  She is very passionate about planning and all of the follow-up details imaginable and has a natural ability to plan, create orchestrate and execute spectacular and elegant events with excellence. Combining her vast experience as a manager, leader and project manager with a go-to personality and creative spirit, she succeeds in making every event she plans personal and polished.  Ansonya is very meticulous and has a very unique style and eye for excellence in color coordination and flair that has led Ansonya to her passion, Principles In Action Consulting Wedding and Special Events.  She has been privileged to work on a variety of high and low-profile events such as weddings, large doctor collaboration meetings, themed birthday parties, girl’s nights out spa parties, church conferences and retreats, family reunions, corporate holiday parties, military balls and retirement ceremonies and various private social occasions.
With a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies/Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, Ansonya offers the perfect combination of business savvy and creativity necessary to execute an event in any destination.  Ansonya has completed professional training in wedding and event consulting by The Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC) and has the title of Professional Wedding Consultant.  She is currently serving in the position of Chapter Chair of the San Antonio ACPWC.  With this extensive background it gives her an in-depth understanding of the many details required to create a successful event, and provides her with the expertise and organizational staff to smoothly bring those details together.
She can be contacted at:
Phone:    (210) 833-6473

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