Cheesy, Fun, Hopelessly Romantic, Public, Private or Techy: Your Perfect Proposal

It’s your pick. Here are some cool proposal ideas for one proposal that fits her personality.

Tell the world how much you want to marry her in style. Take your pick:

  • Contact a stage manager for a themed production you prefer and propose after the curtain call. This may require a couple of arrangements so it would be best to seek San Antonio’s finest proposal planner, Principles in Action.
  • Coordinate with family and friends to do a fun production number with you popping the question at the end of it.

  • If she likes to read newspaper, take a full-page ad where she can be surprised to read your proposal.
  •  Planning to fly with your love any time soon? Coordinate with the crew and use the loudspeaker system to propose to her at 35,000 feet.
  • Take her to a walk in the park and have family and friends gather together to have them form “Will you marry me?” phrase. You can let them wear printed shirts with letters to form the phrase or let them carry each letter made out of colored cardboards.
  • Write down 10 reasons you love her and read it in a public setting (you can coordinate with family, friends or co-workers). After reading the list, you can then do your own way of popping the question. You can say something like because of all these reasons and many more, you want to marry her.

If you want an intimate way of proposing, try any of these:

  • Write her a love letter with the proposal at the end of it. Place it in a place where she can most likely find it. If she likes to read, tuck it into the book she is reading at the moment.
  • Prepare a room filled with scented candles and rose petals. You can turn your apartment into your proposal venue or hire proposal planner, Principles in Action to arrange a venue for you. Let there be music. Have a focal point where a ring is placed for her to see.
  • Take her to a long road trip and propose to her in that place where you two are alone.
  • Propose to her at sunset. Take her to a place (maybe by the beach) with a nice sunset view.

Make use of technology and propose to her, maybe something like of these:

  • Make a heart-melting or fun video of you two with your proposal in the end (It could be a moviemaker video or simply a recorded video of you) and upload it on YouTube. Tell her that you found a very funny video on YouTube and have her watch it.
  • Ask her to do some research on a website which you secretly created for her declaring all your love and your marriage proposal.

For more creative proposal ideas, better seek the help of proposal planners, Principles in Action. They can give you all the help you need for a memorable marriage proposal.

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