Planning to Propose this fall? Here are some ideas!

Make her fall again with you again by proposing to her this fall. Better yet hire a proposal planner to perfectly capture the season’s romantic setting.

There’s no season more romantic than autumn. It has its own way setting a romantic backdrop of crisp and golden color where nature burst its last beauty. The scent of the breeze, the leaves blushing and turning red, what a perfect setting to get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

  • Take her to a romantic hike together to bask in the beautiful autumn colors. Wait for the right moment to get down on one knee with the ring box in your hand. You can be as creative as you want or make it simple to tell her you want to marry her.
  • If you want to make it simple, you can give her a bouquet of beautiful fall leaves where she can find an attached ring.
  • Propose to her in a more delectable way by preparing an autumn feast. Have pumpkin pie and apple cider while you read her a poem or a letter you made of how you have fallen for her and how you want to spend all of your fall seasons with her in your life.

  • If you want a more surprising way to propose, propose to her while raking in the fall. Have fun doing this chore with her, you can jump into the pile of leaves and then surprise her by getting down on one knee taking her hand to ask her to be your wife.
  • Take a long country drive together. Ask her the question in a private setting that it seems you two are the only people on earth.
  • If you want to have company when proposing to her, do it on a Thanksgiving. You can secretly place an engagement ring in the apple pie (coordinate with everyone so no one gets to swallow it). You can also surprise her by slipping a ring on her finger while holding her hand during Thanksgiving grace. You can plan this with your family and friends present during the occasion. To add more spice you can have them sing before you propose.

Whatever idea you consider doing, always add a personal touch to it by keeping in mind what she loves or what is personal to her or to both of you.  Have a proposal planner to help you with the details of this once in a lifetime event. This expert can handle all arrangements, offer creative ideas and make a dream proposal happen.

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