{Sweetheart Sorority} Omega & Delta Wedding

With changing times, the weddings trends have also taken the revolutionary road. While the couples may be tweaking the old customs some of them are still sticking to old school and celebrating weddings in the most traditional manner. One such couple that we absolutely had the most fun with the Sorority couples, Dwayine and Catrina or rather better known as Omega and Delta.

A little history….

Delta Sigma Theta (ΔΣΘ), a non-profit Greek-lettered sorority of college-educated women; these women are best known for their public services emphasizing on the African American community. 22 collegiate women founded this sorority Delta Sigma Theta at Howard University in 1913.  Advancement in academics and helping people in need was their motive and this is what these amazing women are best known for.

On the other hand, Omega Psi Phi (ΩΨΦ) the Groom’s fraternity was founded in 1911 by three Howard University students and their advisor. These men of honor work together in order to honor value and find other men so to build a team that can help others in various fields of life.

Our sorority couple opted for “sand ceremony” which is in lieu of the the unity candle ceremony. In this Unity Sand Ceremony, the couple choose to fill out a vase with two different colors of sand. The result is quite a beautiful mix of sand colors and becomes a great wedding memoir as well. Our sorority couples chose their respective colors for the sand ceremony. Now how cute is that?

An extremely fun wedding shoot followed as the wedding ceremony concluded. It’s great to see both the bridal party and groomsmen having fun together which makes the photography session much more unique and memorable!

The decor was set in shades of purple white and red to accentuate the colors of each of their affiliations. All in all, we had the most fun seeing this couple pulling off old customs in the most unique manner. Did I tell you their first dance was a Waltz? Great great fun it was to see this couple enjoying and living their moment with the rest of their loved ones!

A Big Shout Out to our wonderful vendors!

Wedding Consultant:  Principles In Action Event and Wedding Design

Ceremony:  Greenspoint Missionary Baptist Church

Reception, Catering and Design:        Houston Ballroom

Photographer:  Glenn Wilburn, Images

Cake:  Bavarian Cakery

DJ- Mr Taylor

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