Looking for a Wedding Coordinator? Look no Further!!

It was a real joy to have planned The Saleh wedding. Principles in Action, wedding planners and proposal planners make our bride and groom’s satisfaction with the wedding arrangement our priority.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to organize your beautiful wedding and for these kinds words below!

My name is Crystal Saleh and in November of 2012 I was married to the man of my dream’s, in a wedding of my dreams, all thanks to the wonderful team at Principles in Action most specifically, Ansonya Burke.

Admittedly when my fiance and I were first engaged I thought I was able to plan the entire wedding alone. Needless to say within two weeks of skimming through websites, calling vendors, scheduling appointments and trying to pull a budget together I knew that there was no way that I could give us a proper wedding; I did not even know where to begin and was overwhelmed by all of the fine details I would be responsible for. Thankfully, Ansonya is a member of our church and she solicited her services to us. As soon as Molson and I met her, I knew she was the wedding coordinator for us (we had met two others before meeting her). Ansonya was and always is professional, organized, punctual and reliable (as all coordinators should be) but she goes far and beyond the expected responsibilities and does whatever it takes to ensure that both bride and groom are happy. She will pray with you, encourage you and give you hope that what is to come will be the most memorable day of your life.

If it were not for Ansonya and her wonderful Principle in Actions team, my wedding would have fallen short of what I wanted. I can not count how many times I thanked God for Ansonya (and still do) because of guidance and sweet personality during the process.

If you want to have the wedding of your dreams and have someone who knows what they are doing coordinate it, Ansonya is the person for you. I highly recommend Ansonya and her team to any future bride I meet.

Thank you Ansonya for everything! You were a big part of our special day!

Crystal Saleh

Ansonya is the first wedding planner I have ever had to deal with and I am so glad that she was around because she relieved pressure off of me. Ansonya was great when dealing with my wife (Crystal) even through her “bridezilla” moments. Ansonya never lost her temper and always stayed focused on the goal which was to make the perfect wedding for us and she accomplished it.

On the day of the wedding Ansonya and her team took complete control of everything and handled everything so well. We never had to deal with the vendors or anything else and because of her and Joanna, the wedding and reception went perfectly smooth and we couldn’t be happier. The candy buffet her team did for us was amazing. My wife and I were blown away when we say how they put everything together and our friends and family still talk about how awesome the candy buffet was.

Thank you Ansonya for everything and for keeping us sane (well more so my wife sane) during that time. You were there with us from beginning to end and I would not have wanted it any other way.

Molson Saleh


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