Principles Wedding Fair!

This past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting dozens of brides in the area at the San Antonio Wedding Fair! Our booth displayed many of the unique aspects of Principles in Action, including a set-up of one our signature sweets buffets!  We had the opportunity to interact with future brides and grooms and discuss their visions for their dream wedding. Hopefully, we will even have the opportunity to help some of them bring their visions to life!

Through the expo hall, we could feel the excitement and creativity flowing from booth to booth. From the fashion shows to the wedding cake DIG competition, guests came with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm about planning their weddings. One awesome thing we also noticed was the high turnout of grooms at the wedding fair.

We loved the opportunity to show both bride and groom what we can do to make their special day everything they want it to be. We were also quite impressed with the creative visions these couples have for their big day. Many brides in today’s culture already have cutting edge idea for their weddings, from color schemes to themes.

Principles in Action prides ourselves on creating unique, out-of-the-box designs so we loved the chance to share visions and discuss ideas with brides. Overall, it was a very thrilling and successful day. We are excited to get started working with these couples to plan their unique weddings!  If you’re looking for a team to help make your wedding day the one-of-a-kind, unforgettable day you deserve, look no farther than Principles in Action!

Written by:

PIA Intern

Cora B. Lambert

2 thoughts on “Principles Wedding Fair!

  1. Such a rush of excitement at these wedding fairs!!!!! Great way to do a convenient search for the essential wedding elements. I really love that we are currently offering the photography, consulting and design combination built into one package!

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