{Wave Love} Beach Engagement Party Ideas

Wedding proposals, whether elaborate or private are romantic in their own ways. Power of Proposal, proposal planners here at San Antonio, make sure each proposal that we plan is personalized to the couples. Not only that we aim the proposal that we plan or the engagement party is remembered for life. More than that, our aim is to make the engagement party so unique and beautiful that she would definitely say Yes! to your proposal request!

Themed engagement parties are all the rage. Today we are going to give you fine tips on making your beach engagement party a success and a memorable proposal  party to remember.

Selecting the beach!

Well there are tonnes of beaches to choose from for your proposal party: but what you should remember is that you book the hut and the beach for your party well in advance. You really don’t want others to rain on your parade or your proposal party.. literally. Check local weather and see if there are no rains/scary waves approaching the sea. This way you can your loved one can celebrate your proposal party in peace!


Must Have Lanterns!

Well, it is true. Don’t opt for the traditional lights. If you are opting for a beach themed party, you need to have lanterns and lots of them! Your proposal party even if it is planned in the day time, must have lanterns included in the decor. Confused how to set up lanterns at day time? Head over to our post on a guide to lanterns here!


Indoor Party

Don’t live on the coast? Don’t worry! We have tonnes of ideas to plan an indoor beach party for you! You really dont have to be living on the coast to enjoy the themed beach party. You can design the settings and decor in the comforts of your own backyard. Plus, this gives you an added advantage to add a candy buffet to your proposal party decor!

Would She Approve?

Well, last but not the least you have to make sure the proposal party you are planning for her is actually the one she would plan for herself. Is she a beach person? More so, does she like elaborate settings or just private hangouts with you? Her say matters .. and it matters a lot! It is after all her YES you are after!

Trust San Antonio’s finest Proposal Planners to help you in proposing to your loved one! We Bring It, So You Can Ring It!!

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