What’s So Special About Celtic Engagement Rings?

Wedding rings of any kind, color, or carat are special. But today, Power of Proposal, Proposal planners here at San Antonio, want to tell you about the magnificent rings that are famously known as the Celtic engagement rings. We have talked about unique engagement rings in the past and if you like them, you are sure to find these exquisite as well.


A Little History

The Celts were tribal people who lived in the UK before Christ. They gradually grew and moved throughout England. Their culture grew with their population and soon Scotland and Ireland also got a taste of their impeccable culture and art. They honored culture and hence put this into their engagement rings as well. The rings came to be known as Celtic Engagement Rings because of these people who helped create the design.


What Does The Ring Say?

It is said the Celtic engagement rings for proposal purpose are custom made for each individual who wishes to express their love in the most unique manner on the day of the proposal. Hence the designs that you would find most common depict infinite- meaning there is end and hence during a proposal man can signify his undying commitment to his future wife.


Lover’s Knot

Another most popular design in the Celtic Engagement rings is the Lover’s knot. It shows two infinity signs that are intertwined together. Men who wish to come across as romantic and compassionate, can opt for this type of Celtic Engagement ring because it is not only unique but also shows how much thought you have put forth in planning the proposal.


Customize It

Most men choose to further add an act of their love to the Celtic Engagement rings to personalize it for their loved one. You can have in engraved in anything that means the most to the both of you. This would give her something to show to her friends about your proposal.


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