“Popping the Question?!” I Have Never Done That Before!!!”

Well, no one has. Power of Proposal, proposal planners here at San Antonio, have met couples who are looking for the perfect engagement event for themselves and yes it  always is their first time planning the event too. Well, no need to panic. Just sit back and take a deep breath. It might be the most anticipated day of both of your lives, so don’t ruin it by over thinking too much!

Posing the question isn’t all that hard if you follow these proposal tips:

Listen to her

You are proposing to her, right? If your aim is to make the proposal about her and your love for you, then you need to pay close attention to her likes and dislikes. These will help you plan the proposal of her dreams easily. Is she a romantic or not; does she approve of public displays of affection or not? Her favorite color, her favorite place to eat.. all these things matter and they can actually help you in creating a fairy tale proposal -the one of her dreams-for her!

Finding the perfect ring.

Yes, there exists a perfect ring, you just have to try super hard to find it for the day of the proposal. Proposal rings are unique and they should reflect something sweet and personal about the both of you. Take time out to select your proposal ring. Do not leave this before the day of the proposal or you might have to settle with a rash decision.

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Think before you speak

If you are thinking that I would ask you to write it down, and learn it off by heart, you are wrong. Real emotions come from the heart, not a piece of paper or the internet for that matter. If you love her so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, have your reasons ready. And remember, be honest. Your proposal speech matters a lot and she would be paying close attention to what you will be saying when you are down on one knee.

Think about our savings.

A wedding proposal is just the start. The real deal is a long (and expensive) way to go. SO don’t go all out in finding that perfect ring. You have a wedding budget to consider so dont spend your entire life’s savings on the proposal event and leaving nothing for the wedding. Think it through and discuss it with your proposal planner. They work under budgets and they can guide your properly for your proposal planning.

Check the ring-again!

Buddy we can’t say it enough but you need to check up on that ring- it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Don’t let the day’s tension make you forget the most important requirement of your proposal event. Have someone remind you before you meet with her.

And this goes without saying, Power of Proposal, can help you pull off a majestic proposal event- we make proper care in knowing our couples so we can plan a personalized proposal for them!

Trust San Antonio’s finest Proposal Planners to help you in proposing to your loved one! We Bring It, So You Can Ring It!!

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3 thoughts on ““Popping the Question?!” I Have Never Done That Before!!!”

  1. Well, I have been married for over 30 years, too, and I think my own proposal went like this. Me: so, I guess we’re going to get married. When should we have the wedding! And my daughter’s proposal wasn’t much more romantic either. I was disappointed that she didn’t get a fairy tale proposal. Of course, it’s about the marriage anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to have a fun or romantic memory to kick it off with!

  2. I didn’t know there were such a thing as proposal/engagement consultants, either, not from such an early stage, that is. I mean, for the wedding part, yeah, but not for engagements or proposals. But I guess not everyone is that creative and so need a little help.

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