Proposing To Her On The Valentine’s Day? You Better Read This Before You Do!

Valentine’s Day is just… a day away. Are you planning to propose to her? Well you are not the only one. Research suggests that more than 50,000 individuals would be choosing this day to do so! So buckle up, because you’ve got a good competition beating all those fairy tale proposals happening all over the world (or maybe next door!)

Here are a few suggestions from POP, Power of Proposal, Proposal planning and proposal event managers from San Antonio. We suggest these are some of the ideas that not all planning a proposal would be thinking about. If your proposal plan is one of them, then dude you are on the right track!

Family Matters

Well the fact that you are doing it on Valentine’s Day sort of kills the surprise. So if you want to keep it sweet and simple YET keep the element of surprise alive, involve her parents! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, she would be expecting something romantic from your end anyways, so why not get the blessings from the elders and all those who matter to her.

When you stage a get together at her parents (or yours!) she would definitely find that unexpected (and that’s your surprise!) and also make you appear caring and considerate to involve her parents to your proposal party!

Friends Get Away!

Well a friends get away would definitely put her off guard. She wouldn’t expect you to drop down on one knee in front of everyone and that’s when you steal her heart by declaring your affection in public! She would not see it coming: the proposal can be perfectly planned. Get your friends on board –the ones that aren’t planning to propose to their loved one that is or maybe ask if they are! Which is another great thing–all of you can benefit from one grand proposal party and create an event that’s going to be spoken about in years to come (definitely in a great way!)

{Amy DeYoung Photography}

Shoot it!

The proposal I mean! 😉

Why not decide to watch a movie on Valentine’s Day and slip this special video about the two of you. Include pictures and videos of you together and a testimonial on your behalf declaring how much she means to you and how you see each other together for the rest of your life. That’s one adorable way to get her to say yes! and make it a memorable proposal event!

Trust San Antonio’s finest Proposal Planners to help you in proposing to your loved one! We Bring It, So You Can Ring It!!

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