Is An Engagement Ring All I Need to Pull Off A Proposal?

Well not exactly. Here at Power of Proposal, Engagement Proposal Planners, we not only plan a proposal fit to the requirements of our couples but make sure the proposal reflects them both in the most beautiful manner. So you have decided to settle down, which is great. However, the road to getting her YES is a long one mate, so sit back and read through this checklist that is mandatory for your engagement proposal!

Should I take permission?

Umm yes, maybe. Well it depends. IF  you feel that you need the blessings of her parents, and it would actually mean to her when she finds out that you did, it would not only put you in extreme good books of your in-laws but you are to steal her heart and attention in a jiffy!

Ring it with the Ring

Yes guys, the ring is important. But not just any ring. Make sure it says something unique about the two of you. Also its better not to try with exotic designs when you know she prefers simplicity. Also what you can do is maybe get her a ring just for proposal and get one for her of her choice once you have gotten her yes! A lot of couple are finding their ring together after their engagement party. This makes it easier and rather less of a hassle for the guys who might pick the ring their lady love might not approve of!

Amy DeYoung Photography

Know thy spouse well

Well, you are proposing to them so might as well do proper proposal research before planning the proposal party. What if she is not into an elaborate proposal party and what she really wants is a quiet proposal event for just the two of you? Try to find out from her friends and close family whether she has talked to them about how she’d want to get proposed and how she would want her proposal party to be!

Timing is KEY

Proper timing of the proposal event can guarantee you your YES! from her. See whether she is ready as well. You want to surprise her with the ring in your hand on your proposal day, but surely not shock her to say no! If she is still indecisive about it, maybe you need to delay it till she is ready. And when that is have everything ready to woo her your way!

Trust POP, the finest Proposal Planners here to help you in proposing to your loved one-whether you are looking for destination proposal event or a fairy tale setting in your own home town San Antonio! We Bring It, So You Can Ring It!!

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