Popping the Question – A Guide to Wedding Proposals

Ready to pop that big question? San Antonio proposal planners, Principles in Action, know exactly what you
need and are here to help you pull off that impeccable proposal!

Whether you are planning a quiet proposal or an elaborate proposal party for your loved one, you need to go
over the check list so you can pull off the proposal in the most memorable manner.

Here are few dos and don’ts that you need to consider while coming up with your engagement proposal ideas.
After all, you have to create an impact to make her say yes!

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Proposal Ideas

Personalize your marriage proposals:

If you are trying to pull off a cliched method of making her say yes, dont! Girls these days are looking to get
wooed, so you need to personalize it. Even if you are thinking of a small dinner, or an elaborate party for two,
make sure you add a personal touch to your proposal because that’s whats going to make your proposal count.

Make the proposal ambiance romantic:

The key to winning her heart while proposing is to do it intimately. Even if you are planning an elaborate proposal party and inviting friends and family, when you are going to pop the question make sure you do it in a moment where its just the two of you. Make the proposal moment special for just the two of you!

Amy DeYoung Photography

The Best Proposals are Surprise Proposals:

It is true fellas; your lady love is looking to get surprised. Even though she may get the hint you are planning to propose, but the way you can win her heart with your proposal is when you surprise her with it. Surprise proposals are sweet, so to catch her off-guard make sure you leave no hints of making the proposal to any of her close friends. Girls gossip mate, you never know which one might let it slip and ruin the surprise for you.. and her!

You Ring It We Bring It:

Flashy or simple, the proposal is NOT complete without the ring. Choose wisely. Make sure it would fit her finger on the day of the proposal. Trust San Antonio’s finest Proposal Planners to help you in proposing to your loved one! We Bring It, So You Can Ring It!!

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