{Days of Merriment} Charismatic Christmas Centerpieces!

San Antonio, event and wedding planners,Principles in Action are all up and running to plan the upcoming festivities of the season!

Since we know this is the peak time of engagement ceremonies in the States, we thought we’d help out our to-be bride and grooms planning their  Christmas wedding! Winter wedding is so much fun! I have always enjoyed decorating and planning for Winter events much more than I do for my Spring Weddings and Summer Weddings.

{Alberto Vasquez Photography}

The one thing that Principles in Action wedding and event planners in San Antonio absolutely look forward to are the table set-up design and the accompanying centerpieces. Now usually brides don’t consider centerpieces to be of any significant worth, but I can tell you, they can really become the “star attraction” of your event.

You may choose a variety of centerpieces to begin. Picking unusual and unique centerpieces was all the rage this past year. The wedding industry in 2012 saw a lot of exquisite and eccentric designs for wedding centerpieces.

You may see in all the pictures here we went from bold to neutral. Use any color that you want but for a Christmas Wedding I say stick to bright shiny colors like mauve, silver, maroon, and tiffany blue!

Remember, you don’t have to do  A LOT to make these beautiful centerpieces ! Let Principles in Action, San Antonio event, wedding and destination proposal planners help you create these majestic centerpieces for your event. Christmas is all about colors and bling, so choose your colors wisely or let us help you pick the design that suits you the best!

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