{Principle Advice} How Do I Make Her Say “YES!”?

When it comes to proposing in the most memorable way, San Antonio proposal planners, Principles in Action can tell you a thing or two. It is your one shot, so why not make it larger than life? Principles in Action is proud to be associated with Victoria’s and Geoff’s engagement and proposal party a few months back. San Antonio saw a love story in real life and San Antonio proposal planners were there to make it happen.

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We have summarized few tips that we think will be useful to you when you are planning for your big day. These help us when we are planning for our San Antonio proposals.

So you are caught up on how to start, well here are few tips that can get you started on how to arrange a fairy tale inspired proposal.


-Think about her favorite romantic movies and television shows. Is there a one that she loves in particular? Maybe that can give you an idea how much of a romantic she is, and what she is expecting from her own proposal.

-Casually ask her about her friends engagements and how they were proposed. Note down the things she loved in those proposals and especially pay attention to the ones she did not approve of.


-Does she love everything bold and grand? Or does she like to keep it low profile? This would tell you whether you want to include members of your family and friends to the proposal or just make it about the two of you.

-Is there a song, a place, an activity that is special to just the two of you? Pay close attention to these things while going out for you might get a clue as to how to win her heart while proposing to her.


-All things aside, keep in mind your proposal has to be unique. And ONLY YOU can make it special, if you take into account all things that are meaningful to you as a couple. Make it about the both of you.


This will be defining moment in both of your lives, so make it worth it. Contact us today and let San Antonio Event and Proposal Planners, Principles in Action, help you create a fairy tale proposal for the love of your life.


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