{Principle Advice} What Should I Give my Buddy for His Big Day?

So your pal is finally saying ‘I Do!’ Well, that’s great news. He’s been your best friend all through these years, and somehow, you still are unsure what to give him for his upcoming wedding. It’s okay, you are among thousands of friends who face this dilemma.

I’ve compiled a short list on how you may get started on finding the right type of gift for your pal. And not just him, there’s a good chance his wife would appreciate your thoughtfulness and make a good use for them!


If there is one thing that EVERY GUY has to enjoy: it’s BBQ! Every guy is smitten over it (though I am not sure they are going to admit being smitten). Deep down, every Sunday your bestie spends BBQ-ing, he is going to appreciate your thoughtfulness. And why not give your pal something that he is sure to use for years to come!



Do not think just because the mini fridge is tiny, it has absolutely no value in a man’s life. You are giving your friend another reason to have a laid back relaxed time at home. And what man does not want that? Everyone owns a refrigerator, but a mini fridge would be perfect for your friend starting a new life. It would look great in the room or the lounge



In this era, where everything has gone digital, photo albums have not lost their charm. Remember, you are not just giving the wedding gift for your buddy to solely use. Think of the wife as well. She is definitely going to make good use of the photo album.

What is better if you create a collage of all wedding pictures together in the photo album for the couple to keep as a wedding memento!


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