{Principle Advice} Is He Ever Going to Propose?

It is kind of frustrating when you are really unsure what your future holds with your partner. And it gets even more frustrating, when you have been going out for quite a while.

I have been asked this question quite a few times, and here I thought, why not answer it for all the ladies, who are wondering, is he ever going to propose? and if so, what are the signs that he is definitely going to?

Summed up here are three signs that there’s a good chance you have a proposal heading your way…


Have you bought a house together? Or has he hinted that you should? Investing together in a house is a great deal and you shouldn’t shrug it out. Welcome his suggestion as a huge leap in your relationship. He definitely wants to settle down with you, and create a living loving space together with you. He would only suggest such this if he saw you down the road  along with him.




That’s cute, if he is talking about kids. Men usually never talk about having kids until AFTER they are married. So you should take it as a great sign if he is talking to you about kids. And that too with you. If he has thought about having children with you, that definitely means he wishes to settle down with you in future as his wife.



Okay ladies, one thing is clear. No man is obsessed with weddings UNLESS he is planning his own. So if he has even hinted about one, or enjoyed one, there’s a good chance he is looking forward to one. If he has been enjoying wedding you have attended together, that in itself is a huge sign. Men usually wont lead on their partners by making them attend a wedding unless they are comfortable with them.


He feels safe with you, and he needs you almost all of the time. If it’s true love, and has been tested with time, girl you have nothing to worry about. The man is definitely is thinking along the same lines. But I am sure he wants to be prepared before he pops the question. So don’t rush it. Wait, see the signs and let it all unfold.

Hope this advice column helped you in getting your worries down.

Please let me know if there’s a thought nagging you related to your engagement/wedding ! We’re here to rid you off your worries!


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