Top 3 Ways to Plan a Fairy Tale Proposal For Your Loved One

Planning a fairy tale proposal for your loved one? Well you have come to the perfect place. Wedding and Event planners, although is our forte, but we’re proud to be one of San Antonio’s top Proposal planners!

There is a LOT of planning that goes into proposal planning than you might think. If only it were that easy to get down on one knee! Today I have compiled 3 great ways if you are planning to propose to your loved one. Now don’t get scared, but this task carries immense responsibility and thought.

One That She Would Absolutely Love

Expressing your love in the most romantic way is the key. You love her, you know it, she knows it. But how far are you willing to go make her dream fairy tale come true? If you want her to absolutely go crazy (in a happy way) you need to give her what she loves. This is her dream day. Make a situation that is to become a great story in years to come.

Pick a date, or a place that is near and dear to her. This way she KNOWS you care, and remember the little details. Such an act would carry immense value in her eyes !

{PIA Proposal Planning}

Traditional Touches

Well, we women admit it. We are a sucker for everything traditional: chocolates, rose, getting down on one knee, violins. You name it, and we shall melt. However, why not make each moment personalized to your relationship? Give her a surprise at her favorite beach, or perhaps take her scuba diving and propose under water? Add a little spice to the traditional ways and she’s sure to get smitten.

{PIA Proposal Planning}

Don’t over do it

While you may think you would want to do something extraordinary for your to-be wife on this auspicious moment, try not to over kill it. Usually proposals don’t turn out as planned because there’s just so much to do, and if not properly timed, things can get out of hands.

Try to be yourself, the key is being personal, and pouring your heart into it. If she’s the one, I think you should definitely do something special for her!


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