{Grooming 101} Choosing the Perfect Menswear

Men, unlike their better halves, are said to be not too fussy about the way they dress up. For one, they spend comparatively less time deciding what to wear and then are even less fussy about worrying how they look. However, when it comes to your wedding wear, guys you need to pull up your socks, and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Shop with the Pros

It is your special day, the one day that your lady love has been planning as a child. Now we all know shopping is not your forte, so why not ask a lady friend to help you out? Trust us with the clothing style and fashion that is prevalent. Ladies just don’t research well on the women trends, but we also have a great eye for men’s fashion as well. Asking us for help would do you a great benefit.

 Choices with Colors

Shopping with a pro would only get you far as letting you know the right places to shop and the right style to go. But the color choice is all yours. You must pick a color that compliments you AND the bride. Yes, you need to be aware of what she is wearing so you may plan what you would wear accordingly.


Stitched to Perfection

After color and garment selection comes the stitching. The only advice you need in this section is for your comfort. Choose what will be most comfortable to you. After all, you will be wearing this dress the entire day probably, so why have it stitched too tight?



Your Personality Reflected

The dress that you choose to wear SHOULD reflect your personality. I say it’s as much your day as it is of your wife. Make it count. Do not opt for a fabric, color or style that isn’t you. Play safe, but stay bold.


Need an advice, grooms? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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