{Wedding Preparations} Getting Your Better Half Involved

Today, I shall admit: planning a wedding is an immense hassle. However, it’s not impossible to pull off a brilliant event. So before you get disappointed and overwhelmed at watching over the million things that go into making the event a success, relax.

It’s true, you will get immense help from all around, and with that will come infinite amounts of advises. However, the one that you should value the most is your husband to-be’s. Now most brides have come up to me asking how to exactly get their partners interested in wedding preparations?


Here are a few ways you can get them to pitch in and pitch in invaluably:

Time it right

Your partner has just stepped in from a long day at work and you start rambling how the caterer is not able to create the menu as you desired – well- The poor guy has just stepped in from a hectic day. Let’s cut him some slack and give him time. Timing is crucial. Why not settle for the ‘hectic’ talk when he has not already got a million things on his mind. Take time out when you see he’s not stressed, or had a long day at work. You can always leave little reminders over the day for him to see but don’t make it all about the wedding. Take time out for him too.



It’s useful you find about his family more since you would have to seat them and it might get really awkward if you sit two people together who are not fond of each other. These might not seem important to your husband, so you need to give him a clear picture. Tell him about issues you are facing while seating your family members, and whether he might have issues in his too.



This is a major complain that I hear from brides: their better half’s are not interested in going out to shopping with them. Well, why take them out when you can reap the benefits of online shopping? Given you know him inside out, since you are getting married to him, send him links to shopping items that you know he’s sure to open and glance at!



You might want to take a break from all the wedding planning and focus on yourself and your husband-to-be. Of course, there is more to life and spending time than just talking and planning about the wedding. Take a weekend off, relax and unwind, and spend time with each-for after all this is how you can get your better half involved in the most romantic manner!


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