{Planning Ahead} What to Know About The Wedding Budget

In this era, to host an average wedding, one can incur a cost of more than 25,000 dollars and I am not including the cost of honeymoon in it. There are hundreds of things that go into planning a wedding, and adding the cost up of these may end up a lot.

In the beginning every bride and groom wants the best on their wedding day, and that’s the way it should be. However, during mid way, they both realize their cost is getting out of hands, and so they have to unfortunately cut down a few elements in their wedding-which is quite painful to be honest.

But what if i tell you that you don’t have to do it? If one is able to manage cost associated with weddings they will never have to sacrifice on their wedding extravaganza! Here is what you need to know:


Costs Associated with Weddings

1. Tuxedo

Yes grooms, you need one. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy one. Since it’s only going to be worn for a day, why not rent it? It’s a question of looking good and saving costs, and if a rented suit is getting you both, I say go for it!

2. Bridal Dress

Ladies, you have been dreaming about this dress since you opened your eyes. However, instead of getting dazzled by designer brands, check out what your local designers are offering. Most make cutom made dresses that you can get made  for less than half the price of the branded dresses and that too in the choice of your fabric, style and color!


3. Decor

Wedding decor matters as much as the bride’s dress: extremely important for it reflects the entire theme of your wedding. However, instead of going with flowers from the florals, why not ask for friends and family to pitch in and ask around for those who are interested in gardening. DIY floral arrangement settings can really wow your guests and you can do it in much less cost that your floral designer would charge you!


4. Cake!

Yes, well happy occasions call for something sweet and your wedding cake marks a great sweet start to the journey ahead. So why not ask a local baker to bake one for you? They charge less and you can find great deals on them, you really don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars on a cake.


5. Planner

In this age and fast paced world you really can’t manage to pull off a wedding without the help of someone creative and someone who knows the wedding business. And I am not saying this all because I am a wedding planner myself, but wedding planners are experts- they know where to get the best from the best. And they do it within your budget. Once you set a target for us, let me assure you, we planners take it very seriously.


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