Signs you are turning into a Bridezilla!

This post must be taken as an intervention and a call to attention to all the ladies who are getting married in near future. Most of the ladies planning their wedding out there don’t even realize that they have turned into a bridezilla before reality dawns upon them and they face a stressful time planning their wedding.


Some of the few signs that I have noticed in bridezillas are mentioned below:

Budget Blunders

The first sign: bridezillas are unable to keep track of their finances. This results in them losing their initial budget target and overspending in items they could have easily have their way without. I advise you keep a thorough check on yoru finances, especially the ones who make in haste. A wedding planner can help you here for we have a set limit over which we cannot under any condition cross.

Pretty Perfect

Well, it’s not harm being a perfectionist.. but overdoing it might just cause a lot trouble on your wedding day. Realistically speaking, not everything can turn out to be as you want it to be, if only by miracle. Hence, you should keep it in mind that things MIGHT go wrong, there will be a FEW FLAWS in your wedding detail, but if you leave it to the professionals there is a good chance you might avoid all the hassle altogether. Instead of taking lead in each department of wedding planning, try splitting  it among the bridesmaids and family members who offer to help.



Moi préféré

Indeed, you have all the right to feel special, but that doesn’t mean the poor bridesmaids, your to-be husband and close family members have to take the heat for this. You need to give others a break, and yourself too for that matter. Yes it is YOUR big day and it should be all about you, but you need to be grateful to everyone who is helping out, and be glad they are there to share this joyous moment with you.

Wedding, wedding and wedding

Are you thinking about the wedding ALL THE TIME? Well my friend if your answer is yes, you have just displayed a clear sign of being a bridezilla. Remember, there is much much more to life than just thinking about one day for every waking hour. Remember, thinking about it too much will only cause more fatigue if your deadlines are not being met. So instead, take a breather, and enjoy other moments in life. Yes, wedding should be your priority, but it shouldn’t be your ONLY priority.


Ladies, take a deep breath, most ladies who have been through what you are going through right now are going to tell exactly that: take is slowly. Planning is important! Most bridezillas are those ladies who have started planning their wedding late, so remember to have a set plan in mind and don’t change it mid way.


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