{Sweet Medicine} Kency Sweets Coma Buffet

Posting about real weddings is always a joy for me. Here’s a little sneak peak to the physicians sweets candy buffet I did for Dr.’s Fred and Jasmine Kency’s Wedding called The Kency Sweets Coma Buffet!


{All Photo Credits: JM Photography}

It’s one thing to create a candy buffet out of unexplored theme and another to do it in the colors of bride and grooms choice! But my team and I pulled it off quite well. Tiffany blue is every girl’s dream color and it needs meticulous pairing with another accent color.

I added a little bit of bling to the finish so the props stand out. Since it was entirely medical theme, we wanted people to get attracted to the buffet. White was the base color, but adding tiffany to the decor really made the entire buffet blossom!

Another thing that is crucial is naming the candies ! Since they were wrapped in medical utensils, we wanted to people to taste them and not just appreciate the decor.

Let me know your thoughts about this out-of-the-box theme in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “{Sweet Medicine} Kency Sweets Coma Buffet

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