Men’s Wedding Trends-What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Men simply don’t care about weddings, or so it seems. Which man has several sets of special outfits hanging in his closet, just waiting for wedding invitations to come rolling in?  I definitely don’t and neither do most men. While women are simply in love with weddings and can’t wait for their turn to walk down the aisle, most men are engineered to avoid weddings at all cost until the inevitable happens. But let’s face it, as long as you have a woman in your life who constantly receives wedding invitations chances are that you will have a number of weddings lined up for the year.


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Men have embraced fashion or rather women have set a high expectation for men with regards to fashion. You can’t expect to get by in a decent suit accompanying a woman who has spent hours getting ready for a wedding, which ironically is not her wedding. It is time to shape up your wardrobe and be ready to attend weddings in style.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Linens

Whether it is a wedding or a casual social event, the one thing you want is to be comfortable in what you are wearing. Linens are the most comfortable outfits available and they are a good choice for outdoor weddings. To create a debonair look out of linens is a simple task; simply go for linen shirts in lighter hues and pair them with darker bottoms. If you are like me, you will probably want to make the most out of every outfit you have in your closet and going for the smart-casual combination gives you an outfit to wear on several occasions.



One of the other reasons why you should consider linens is because they easily pair with different shirts or bottoms. For instance, pattern shirts and colored shirts easily pair with linen bottoms to create an added stylish dimension.

The primary purpose of choosing linens is comfort and you should follow this through with your choice in shoes. I would pair linens with loafers or any other comfortable shoes. I would also throw on a pair of sunglasses, in the case of a summer or garden wedding.


The Classic Smart Look

Throwing on your best suit is the most popularly chosen mode of dressing for most men attending weddings. Let’s face it, if you want to look good your best suit always does the trick. But when you are attending a wedding you don’t want to look like you are from the office. This means that you should either have specific suits to wear to weddings and other informal occasions or you should simply dress down your office suits.



I would go for suits with detailed stitching, allowing you to match your shirt to the color of the stitches. This gives the suit a less-formal look and I would also forego wearing a tie.

Again, leave your frumpy office suits in the closet and go for fitted suits which are more suitable for social gatherings.

The Casual Look is the easiest Throw on for a Wedding

We are not talking about the loose pair of pants you put on during the weekends at home; casual looks should still maintain a level of smartness if chosen for weddings. For a wedding, you could choose to pair a blazer with a decent shirt and stylish chinos.



When it comes to the casual look, you basically have the freedom to wear what you want to but this does not mean that you shouldn’t put in any effort. Choose your best casuals, after all everyone wants to look good at a wedding whether or not they were dragged down to the wedding by the woman in their life.



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