Paper Dresses Might Just Be the Next Hot Trend

Maybe in the future or not in this universe, some people might argue, but I say that Ilya Plotnnikov and Alexandra Zaharova’s 2009 ad campaign for the July/August issue of L’Officiel is simply gorgeous. Unfortunately, the beautiful collections of paper dresses are not wearable otherwise I wouldn’t have hesitated to snag one of these dresses.

Papier Couture :  wedding montreal wedding dress Papercoutureqf9



The paper dresses feature delicate designs and showcase spectacular silhouettes. Each design brings a new perspective to fashion design, by conforming the rigid of paper to the female silhouette. Each piece also features beautiful finishes with detailed accents.



Naturally, the pieces are all white in color, with a few black and white pieces available. One thing that is striking about the dresses is their depth and dimension, giving them a surreal feel.



The special aspect about the paper dresses is that most of them could be tailored using conventional fabrics to create street-wearable designs.  The remarkable thing is that the accessories accompanying the outfits were also fashioned using paper.



The couture paper garments might not be functional, but they are truly desirable.

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