{Ian Batten} Setting High Fashion Standards

Whenever you mention the name Ian Batten, the first thing that comes to mind is distinction. With more than 40 years experience in the fashion industry, he is easily a fashion icon and trendsetter. Men are extremely specific when it comes to their fashion needs and Batten is able to capture these needs across the board by delivering classic, timeless designs. Simply looking at his collection, you cannot help, but marvel at his creativity. I find it especially intriguing that he is walks the walk, by wearing his designs own to show men the timeless and agelessness of his designs.


From Casual to Formal Wear, Ian Batten nails the trend

Ian Batten’s collections range from formal to casual wear. If you are looking for something in between, don’t be surprised to find it from his collection. His creations are a true indication of creative talent characterized by ageless quality, rich details and superior finishes. If you have ever bumped into the creative mind anywhere, you must have stopped and started. This is because his creations are targeted towards getting a reaction and they do not fail to impress. Amongst his creations are great finds including denim waistcoats reminiscent of the past, with a modern twist to them. His waistcoats feature v-necklines, short sleeves, button fastenings at the front and a buckle fastener at the back.


A Walking Fashion Icon

It isn’t a surprise that a creative mind would also be a leading fashion icon. Batten is regularly spotted in his own creations, which further raises the appeal and interest in his creations. His tweed jacket is simply a masterpiece, recommended for every man who wants to stand out. Made from wool fabric, the tweed waistcoat is double breasted with button fastenings running down the front, notched lapels and patched side pockets. The waistcoat would be a great choice for the fall/winter season, because it features a quilt lining and long sleeves.  Batten’s designs feature impeccable construction, outstanding outlines and accents.


Ian Batten’s collection

Ian Batten’s casual wear collection tends to be unstructured, and surprisingly this is why most men find them appealing. His denim style for instance, includes patched faded which effortlessly stand out. The denim creations are not full length but rather folded at the calf. Batten’s designs do not follow any specific structure, which contributes to their appeal and uniqueness.

Ian Batten’s high waist trousers cannot be left out of the list of his creative designs. Tailored using denim fabric, the pair features a front zipper, belt loops, and button fasteners at the front and back pocket buckle details. The design stands out simply based on the denim cut. The piece would pair well with Batten’s Tartan jackets and shirts.




Batten’s designs reflect every aspect of a man’s life; from work to weekends spent at home, Batten’s collections are designed with versatility in mind. Regardless of what your taste and preference is therefore, you will find precisely what you are looking for from Batten’s designs. Being a trend setter, it goes without saying that most men should emulate Batten’s effortlessly debonair style.



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