Get a Well Tailored Suit – How to Spot Good Tailoring on Suits

Women have a long list of basic essentials they need in their wardrobes, for men the list is as short as a good tailored suit. Not to say that men are limited when it comes to fashion, simply that a well fitting suit goes a long way in a man’s closet as an essential.  However, not just any suit will do the trick; good tailoring sets the perfect suit apart from any other suit. The first thing that you should know is that price does not necessarily point out to a suit with good tailoring; it takes a keen eye to pick out quality tailoring. There are a few pointers to help you spot good tailoring on suits.


The Suit Stitching

A well tailored suit is fully hand stitched. Any man who knows something about stitching should go for a hand stitched suit, because it guarantees that the seams won’t pop out and improves the overall fit, shape and silhouette of the suit.



The Fabric

The fabric used also plays an important role in determining whether a suit is well tailored. For this reason, choose a suit tailored using quality fabric. Pure wool is recommended because the fabric is durable and breathable, making the suit an ideal choice for hot summer days and spring. Choosing a good quality suit is also sensible because it means that you will get the most use out of it. The construction is also an important role in this case. The construction will help you determine whether a suit is well tailored or not. The construction should either be full or half canvassed, but not fused. The main identifiable difference between a well tailored suit and one that is not tailored well primarily lies on the type of construction used.



The fit

When it comes to men’s suits, the fit is equally as important as the chosen color. Tailoring greatly influences the fit of the suit and you should be able to distinguish balance a well-fitting suit and an ill-fitting one. You have probably seen men in suits which look great, except that they are a bit snug fitting or have short sleeves/calves. In this respect, pay attention to aspects such as sleeve length, the circumference of the trouser and calf length. How the suit fits around the crotch is also important and the length of the suit contributes to this.



Inner Lining of the Suit

The type of inner lining used in designing the suit should be breathable. Choose a suit which uses quality lining fabric and avoid suits without skimped linings. There is no point in having an outer shell that is breathable, if the lining is not. Look for suits with linings tailored using fabrics such as Bemberg and rayon and stay away from suits with polyester linings. True silk is a luxurious fabric, but it is also impractical when used as suit lining because it only ends up creating friction against the shirt.

Last but not least, use your eyes. You can always tell if a suit looks off, once you try it on.


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