{Shiny Candy} Silver-Purple Candy Buffet Inspiration

Making silver shine at a wedding is harder than you can imagine. For this was the color I was asked to accent with purple.

You can get other details on Tony and Vanessa’s wedding in my last post. However, I am sharing a few snaps from the day with you!

The trick is not to over-do the silver. This candy buffet was arranged indoors, to go with the original theme of the wedding. You may try to use different colored wrapper for your candies to give more color. Just keep with the same color thematic and you can design a classy candy buffet for your wedding.

Make sure you label your candies if you are wrapping them up in a cover of your choice. Here you would notice, apart writing what the candies/sweets are, I have given each a unique name for guests to remember. Name yours as per your wedding theme and flaunt your creativity.

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3 thoughts on “{Shiny Candy} Silver-Purple Candy Buffet Inspiration

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