{Egyptian Elegance} Wedding Candy Buffet Inspiration

Principles in Action upcoming wedding features a grand candy buffet inspired by the Egyptian culture. I am really excited to showcase the history. Today, I am sharing a few inspirational shots with which I will be working to create a candy buffet for my bride and groom!

Egyptian Wedding


The colors that blend well with an Egyptian theme are black, gold and bronze. Although, if you want, you can include colored candies to give more life to the decor.




Opt for candies and chocolates that are already wrapped in gold and bronze covers, this will later save you loads of time wrapping each candy in a gold/bronze.




This medieval theme is perfect for those who don’t mind a lot of colors on their wedding day. So opt ONLY if you can handle these darker shades, preferably if you are having an evening reception.



Let me know if you’d like us to feature a wedding inspiration of your choice!

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6 thoughts on “{Egyptian Elegance} Wedding Candy Buffet Inspiration

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  2. I see a real sense of elegance ane style. What a idea, it will no doubt start a mass movement in candy designs for weddings and other events.

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