You’ll Be Telling This Story for the Rest of Your Life… Make It Good!

When your girlfriend’s girlfriends ask her how you decided to propose for marriage, the reaction you want is, “Awwww… He’s so romantic.” You don’t want to inspire eye-rolling and comments like, “It’s the thought that counts.” Show her how important she is to you by creating a memorable marriage proposal – a story you will enjoy retelling over and over for the rest of your married lives.

These are some essential dos and don’ts to get you through the most important question you will ever ask, brought to you by the experts at Principles in Action wedding consulting.


3 Ways to Make Sure She Says Yes

  1. DO surprise her with a well-thought-out marriage proposal that is meaningful for both of you. Choose a time, place, and/or method that shows how well you understand her.


2. DO choose a ring she will love wearing forever. If you aren’t sure about cuts and styles, talk to her mother, sisters, or friends. Casually get an idea of what she likes when the opportunity presents itself, for example, when another friend gets engaged, when you pass a jewelry store, or when you see a commercial for diamond rings. If there is any doubt, or if your intended has made it clear she wants to choose her own ring, include a substitute in your marriage proposal, then shop together. Principles in Action offers tips on selecting the perfect ring.


3. DO honor her with three old-fashioned traditions:

  • If appropriate, discuss your plans with her father before you propose. Getting his buy-in will endear you for many years to come, and that makes life easier for you and your wife.
  • Propose on one knee. Yes, it is cliché, but it is a time-honored ritual. This is one time when a cliché can work to your benefit.
  • Say the words, “Will you marry me?” Spell it out. Give her the thrilling moment of hearing you pop the question. You might consider practicing a few times in private to get used to the words, since you will be nervous when the time comes.



3 Ways to Avoid “I’ll Think About It”

  1. DON’T put your significant other in an awkward position by proposing in front of large crowds, with parents or other loved ones present, or in the middle of a noisy, chaotic situation. Your marriage proposal deserves privacy and a quiet moment for both of you to reflect on your relationship.


2. DON’T bother with tired marriage proposal ideas that have been done over and over again, like hiding rings in food or a glass of champagne. Not only are these dull, they can actually be dangerous, as more than one bride has broken a tooth when the hiding place was a little too good.


3. DON’T propose if you have no idea what her answer will be. If you haven’t discussed the possibility of a marriage proposal, or if you are proposing to smooth things over after a fight, come up with a new plan. Hold off on becoming engaged until you know you are both ready for such a big step.


Your marriage proposal will be a memory that you can share with friends and family for the rest of your life. Make it special – a story you want to retell. At Principles In Action Event and Wedding Design, we specialize in making your engagement and wedding dreams come true. We have what you need for a wedding to be a very special celebration.


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