Fiancée via Facebook? Proposing on Pinterest? Getting Engaged in the Digital Age

Whether you “friend”, “pin”, or “tweet”, you have probably seen some crazy things on social media. People are sharing intimate details of their lives through these sites and others, as there are now options for video gamers, videographers, podcasters, and more, available to anyone with internet access. If you are planning a marriage proposal to the woman of your dreams, these new venues offer a chance to get creative. Explore the options for social media marriage proposal ideas that are unusual. Instead of the same old worn-out techniques, show your bride-to-be that she is special with a unique marriage proposal using one of these social sites. Visit Principles in Action for more great marriage proposals San Antonio, Texas.

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Live and Virtual Treasure Hunting

Mapping sites are a great way to create treasure hunts that will take your beloved around town searching for clues. Give her GPS coordinates only to make things exciting and be waiting in a special place with ring in hand at the end, where you will propose for marriage.

Try this proposal idea: if you have video game design skills or you can use one of the create-your-own apps, make her a video game with obstacles to overcome before she gets to the prize. When she does finally reach the end, show her a digital version of the ring on-screen, and wait nearby to give her the real thing.  Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make the game too complex – otherwise you could be waiting a very long time for an answer to your marriage proposal. Visit Principles in Action for proposal ideas that are as unique as you are.



 Get Your Creative Juices Flowing with Video and Podcasting

The opportunities for a creative marriage proposal are unlimited with digital video and podcasting options. Make a commercial that advertises all of your benefits as a husband, or use editing software to make your marriage proposal come out of the mouth of her favorite celebrity. Record a message or song and put it on her iPod, where she can enjoy the moment over and over again. What if you changed her ringtone so that you pop the question every time you call her phone? Have fun with all of the technology available to make this marriage proposal moment one she’ll never forget. Principles in action proposal ideas are one-of-a-kind. More engagement proposals are available on our site.



Saying I Love You with Social Networking

If you do decide to go public with your marriage proposal, you can get clever with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and all the rest. Put clues on her wall over a series of days, or tweet your love and adoration in 140 characters or less. One clever man even proposed via Groupon. While this isn’t the answer for every girl, in today’s high-tech society yours just might love it.



However you decide to ask the most important question of your life, Principles in Action Event and Wedding Design and Wedding Consulting is here to help with all of the details that come after she says yes.  We specialize in making your engagement and wedding dreams come true.


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