{Singing A Sweet Tune} Cake Opera Co.

Looking for fresh new ideas is our forte! For this very reason, this weeks brilliant and fascinating find by our San Antonio wedding consultant, Ansonya Burke, is of the Cake Opera Co.

For those of you residing in Canada, this is a MUST-TRY treat! Sadly, they don’t deliver to US yet, but we’re hoping they flourish well to cater to us very soon! Till then, feast your eyes on these delights!

Cake Opera Co.: Piratess

{All Image Rights: Cake Opera Co. }

What I absolutely adore about them is how they are extremely creative to cater to all kinds of sweets and can make your candy/sweet buffet an absolute classic !

Cake Opera Co.: Petits Gateaux

Cake Opera Co.: Confection Towers

Customized macarons, mini cupcakes, chocolate bon bons, marshmallows and other delicate confections are just a few of their well-known and extremely delicious treats created to cater to individual tastes!

Cake Opera Co.: Black and White

Cake Opera Co.: Ethereal White

Cakes and sweets have never been decorated with such beauties as they have been by Cake Opera Co. I love their French/vintage inspiration which makes them perfect for events like weddings. However, as mentioned, their themed designs can wow your any special event!

Let me know what you think about these vintage designs!

Cake Opera Co.: Bohemian Chic

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