{Fitting into Perfection} How to Pick Jeans That Fit Your Style

Finding the perfect pair of jeans has become somewhat a myth, with several tall tales told about the process of getting your hands on the elusive perfect pair of jeans. The great news is that you won’t have to travel to the far end of the earth to get your hands on the perfect pair of jeans. It all boils down to knowing how to spot the perfect pair of jeans; here, we show you how to weed out the good from the bad.

Know your jeans

Slim, straight, classic and standard; you have probably come across these terms, making the jean shopping process a similar task to choosing the perfect mate. All these jargon shouldn’t confuse you; the most important thing you should know is that the classic straight jeans take on a reserved role while slim fitting jeans conform to your contours.  However, it does pay off to be able to identify different types of jeans and in turn be able to know what works for you. You don’t have to go through jeans-101 to learn about different styles of jeans; it gets more confusing because most brands come up with their own jargon which makes it more confusing. Simply ask a sells associate to point you in the right direction.

Strike a balance between the perfect fit and a perfect look

Just like a woman would go for a pair of jean with flap pockets to make their bum look rounder; it pays to give attention to your problematic zones. Yes men do have them as well, you might have thick legs which would not look good in extremely slim fitting jeans or have thin legs which you want do not necessarily want to show off. The trick is to find a of jeans pair which strikes a balance between straight and slim fitting, for a perfect look. Boot cut jeans are essentially the perfect choice for most men, because they are essentially versatile and look good on just about anyone. However, you should stay away from are jeans with wide bell-bottoms and tapered leg openings; unless you want to look like you walked out of an old Western movie or going for the Price of Persia look.

A timeless wash equals to a perfect pair of jeans

Let’s face it, most men find it tedious trying to keep up with trends and the best way to stay in style is by choosing a pair of jeans in a timeless wash. Original blue, slightly faded blue jeans and dark denims are the perfect choice. Dark denims will never let you down when going for a street look and the classic original blue jeans are the most versatile pair you could have in your closet.

Buying the perfect pair of jeans

While some people seem to be jeans-whisperers and can spot the perfect pair effortlessly, expect to do a little searching before finding your perfect pair. Don’t expect to find the perfect pair of jeans from the first shop you walk right into; you might have to visit several stores and try on a couple of jeans before stumbling on the pair sent from heaven. Going from store to store trying on several pairs of jeans is not really what most men would like to spend their extra time doing: I personally know several men who would rather watch game re-runs than go shopping, but jeans are the most basic necessities men need in their wardrobes and you will have to buy them at some point.

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