{Bollywood Calling} Wedding Inspirations from the East.

Here at Principles in Action Wedding Planner in San Antonio we have always thought of touching epic ideas for our client where they can really have a memorable wedding by just working with us. Meanwhile we want our grooms and bride to be happier having distinct and impressive wedding that everyone could always recall about attending such extraordinary occasion.


Our team has found Bollywood wedding style or simply called as Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony.  It comprises rituals where the priest who conducts the service could only understand.  This seems to be shocking especially when you are not and Indian yet aiming to embrace another culture and wanting to experience what other culture do in their wedding.  The team has found from various references that it is a nice idea to give an insight not only for the Hindu Americans so as with the non-resident Indian to keep balance of the two cultures. This is also suitable for the intercultural or mixed Hindu or even non-Hindu marriages.




Usually Bollywood weddings are done outdoor, most likely a place where it is under a canopy or popularly known by Indian as mandap. However if you desire a wedding not to take it outside, that is also possible by just creating a mandap inside a building or function hall with assumptions like the wedding is done outside. Groom and Bride usually seat under the mandap and for some instances couple may seat on the carpet or will just provide chairs for them.




Brides will have the traditional wedding dress which is called as sari which is normally color red or red and white but presently other color is applicable. The groom wears a kafni which is a long shirt design where it extends up to the knee together with it is a pajama or most likely called as leggings and preferably groom can also wear a turban.




Although this seems to be different from other weddings, the fun and experience you could get from this style is matchless.

What do you think of the Bollywood style wedding?  Would you like to have one?   What would you do differently?


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