{Guest Blog} 5 Things I Learned From Church About Success

Found this to be quite inspiring. Written by Natalie of Bridal Attraction, I thought I’d share it with you as well!

Let me know your thoughts!

On Sunday, I took notes during the sermon like I always do (at Central Presbyterian in Athens), and I found that what the pastor shared was a wonderful recipe for success in ALL aspects in your life … including business. I’m going to share what I took away from this sermon and how it applies to your business.

I think that these things I’m sharing with you today apply to all of us, regardless of religion. I hope it helps you as it continues to guide me.

1. Be confident in your talents. After all, God gifted you them for many reasons. 

Isn’t that an interesting way to look at confidence? Often when I tell people that they need more confidence in themselves, the immediate fear is that they don’t want to be cocky. I don’t know why we confuse confidence with cockiness, but being confident to me simply means that you claim your own gifts boldly, yet humbly. But being humble doesn’t mean you bow your head and hide.

Be confident in knowing that you do have gifts to offer, honor your gifts by doing them to the best of your ability always and in all ways, and others will automatically take note! You don’t have to go around saying, “check out how awesome I am.” But, you can walk around knowing that simply because you were born with these gifts, you should claim them and have a right to share them with others.

2. Pray and pray often. 

Prayer helps you to stay focused. It quiets your mind. And it allows you to hear Divine inspiration as your prayers are immediately answered. For me, prayer helps me to make the “right” decisions. Not from a place of ego, but from a place of “how may I help others and they, in turn, help me?”  I find that when I don’t make time for prayer, I struggle more, work harder, and am restless.

When we pray, fear falls away. When we pray, we remind ourselves constantly what we desire. And when we pray often, we hear the answers.

And so I pray constantly in my own business. Daily. Multiple times per day. In fact, I have time scheduled throughout my day just like it is a client appointment, but with God. It’s made ALL the difference in my life … I’m not gonna lie!

3. Be Yourself. 

It’s important to value YOUR gifts as God made you. No one is better or worse than you are. Just different in our gifts. We are all beautiful with our individuality and gifts to share with the world.  The more you turn within, the more you’ll find yourself and the Way.

Stop worrying about your “competition”. Stop getting caught up in what “they have to offer”. Start appreciating yourself more.

 4. Use your gifts. 

What good are your gifts if you don’t use them? Write down your gifts now as you read this off to the side. See what shows up.

My biggest gifts that came up when I did this same exercise are:

lead, love, care, serve, teach, create, share, design, music, art

And as soon as the service wrapped up, I marched up to the choir director, joined the choir and offered my gift of playing the flute as well.

What can you do right now to use your gifts in the wedding world? In both big AND small ways?

I also feel like for business, in this area in particular, it includes marketing yourself in the world. After all, if you don’t spread the word, how will you be able to use your gifts often? Share your talents. Let it be known in your community (whether yours is local or global) what you can do to help others by using your gifts!

5. Work with Others.

Strength in numbers. When you work with others, you’re collaborating your talents and gifts to get the word out (like with a bridal show, boutique event, or other sort of fair), or working as one to plan and pull off weddings and events again and again.

And when we work with others, I’ve also found that this is when magic seems to happen. Many call this a mastermind. When many minds come together like one, it’s like one master mind is created and ideas and inspiration come readily and often!

Appreciate others you work with. Know that without their help, your own gifts and talents wouldn’t shine as brightly. And let those you work with know this truly!

So today, I’m giving you an exercise. Ask yourself these questions: 

How am I making an impact in the industry (even a local impact is huge)?

What are my gifts?

How am I using my gifts to help and serve others?

What am I doing here? What is my role for today? What am I here to do?

 Let me know what comes up for you by leaving your thoughts here! 

Love and Blessings,


Event Planning entrepreneur Natalie Bradley publishes the “Bride Attraction” e-zine. Get your FREE audio course: “How to Close the Sale Without Fail!” at www.BrideAttraction.com

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