{Open Bar or Cash Bar} That is the Question!

Mercedes Misty Knight our lovely Principles in Action fan, requested us to bring to notice this dilemma that most of the brides and grooms have to face while planning their wedding. It is indeed a confusion for most of the bride and grooms that I meet to. How does one decide? Should you think about etiquette or glance over whether your pocket can support this gesture?


Open the bar up–and your pocket

Well, some might think of it as a ‘cheap’ gesture if you opt for a close bar, so if you are really one of those who can afford to pay for ALL the drinks that are going to be served at the reception, by all means opt for an open bar!



Cash Bars-To save

Opposite to the Open bar, the cash bars, let the guests pay for the drinks they have. This idea is much convenient if you don’t want drunk guests at your party. Free liquor and you know you are in for a mad treat. However, guests at such occasions tend to look the bride and groom to be lacking etiquette. However, since it is your day, it is my advice not to take into account JUST what the guests think but think it through.



Sit with your wedding planner and discuss the options you may have; for me, I put forth these for my bride and grooms and let them decide:

Limited bars-Fewer the Better

You can opt for limited bars if you think your guests have the tendency to get out of hand once drunk. And the bill too. With limited bars, you can limit the amount of drinks being served at the reception. Opt for the drinks that are in season. Summery drinks with less alcohol percentage would work best as they provide a refreshing retreat for your guests.



Combination bars-Setting up the Bar

Well, why not opt for best of both worlds? Setting up a time limit for the open bar, so guests can refresh themselves with a drink of their choice without having to worry to foot the bill. After a set hour has passed, guests can buy their own drinks. This will allow you to keep a check on the amount of drinks consumed, and guests will not indulge in excessive drinking.



What are your thoughts? How should one decide-Open or Cash Bar?

Let me know below!


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