Father of the Bride Matters

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This Father’s Day, why not do something you’ve never done before: ask the hand in marriage of the girl you love from her father? Sounds scary? Well, it doesn’t have to be. With time, the tradition of asking the parents of the girl in hand for her marriage has completely been erased from our culture. However, the essence is still sweeter as it was before.

To ask or not to ask?

It’s all up to you. Most of the modern men still prefer asking the blessings of the elders in the family before asking the girl they love for her hand in marriage. It shows the cultural value still ingrained in your roots of how much you want to include your family and her family to this grand decision. Of course, absolutely nothing can stop you from marrying the girl you love in these times, so its all on you.




Tradition and Respect

Father’s Day is a special day where you can not only want to do something special for your father but for the father of the woman you intend to marry. It would not only look traditional, but would show how much you respect her family which in turn would earn you her family’s respect. After all, marriage is built on respect and trust and what better way to start this commitment with trust and respect.



Blessings First

Well, to be honest, you really don’t need anyone’s permission in these times to marry someone you love. However, the gist of this gesture is quite simple: you require their blessings. Just like your father matters to you, the woman’s father matters to her as well. And asking the blessings of those who would pray for your prosperity, I don’t think there is any harm in doing so.



Make it Special

If you have indeed decided to take the blessings of the father of your bride-to-be, make it special. And this is where the Father’s Day comes. Make it special, and make sure you are utmost confident. You WANT to show him that you care for his daughter as much as he has been doing so all these years and you are 100% committed to this.



How are you celebrating Father’s Day?


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