{Suit Up} What Men Should Wear on First Date?

This June, San Antonio Event and Wedding Planners, Principles in Action, are all geared up to bring you unique ideas to make your engagement proposal ‘pop’ in style! From proposal planning to the moment of ‘I do!’, we’re there to help you out!

Does the success of your date depend on your physical appearance?


Well it is true. Your first date is going to determine whether you’ll be seeing this girl for the rest of your life, or just that evening. And gentlemen, there is no harm in trying to look smart! The rule isn’t set in stone: ladies aren’t the only ones allowed to appear their best on their first date. So buckle up, suit up and act smart, the lady deserves it!

When Shoes Matter

Indeed, we’d always go for the shoes. If the man is decent enough to wear a clean pair of shoes, with even cleaner socks, that is a good sign that he is careful about his appearance. Wearing flip flops is a BIG no no unless your date happens to be at the beach- even then I suggest you wear smart sandals rather than going in slippers!



Wear Where You Go

You read it right, unless it’s the requirement of the destination, don’t overdress, or under-dress for that matter. If you are taking your date to a fancy restaurant, a tie is a must, but then check with the restaurant reservation, you don’t want to be the odd one out. Same goes with dressing casually. Wearing bermudas, or shorts isn’t the way to do it.



Check Top to Bottom

Well gentlemen, hygiene matters. You may be looking crisp and smart but your clothes make only 50% of your appearance. The rest matters on how you’ve groomed yourself which includes, clean clipped fingernails, washed hair and of course, wearing a nice cologne. Women WILL and trust me when I say this, notice all of this in the first glance.


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No to Neons

Unless you are dating in the 80s, and since you are not, ditch them and any piece of clothing that screams out. That goes out for anything shiny that you intend to wear, no glittery studs, cuff-links, shirt or pants that is going to make her want to run away. Leave that once she gets to know you and accepts your many eccentricities!



At the end of the day, each of your personality will decide how you’ll carry forward this meeting. Of course the physical appearance says you did put up an effort to impress the opposite gender, however, what you talk about is also going to impact your date. So choose words smartly as smartly as you’d choose your shoes! 


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