Should You Propose to Your Boyfriend?

This June, San Antonio Event and Wedding Planners, Principles in Action, are all geared up to bring you unique ideas to make your engagement proposal ‘pop’ in style! From proposal planning to the moment of ‘I do!’, we’re there to help you out!


While I am all up for the man to take the initiative but there are a few of the ladies out there, like Pink who want to do it differently and I admit there is absolutely nothing wrong with. Now that in this era we have adapted to newer and newer changes, I am sure, this trend will catch up pretty soon as well. For those ladies, who are thinking of ‘popping the question’ to their man, I have listed a few pieces of advice-whether taking the initiative is really in the best of their interest or not?


  • Be calm, composed and think it through!

You need to be thinking entirely rationally before you decide to get down one knee. The reason why some guys delay popping the question because it is honestly a nerve-racking task. However much you may love each other, there is always the apprehension of hearing the word ‘no’ from the other end. Think about it from his perspective. And be very courageous.
  • Is he ready?

Indeed you need to think about this question before you delve into planning a proposal for him. What if he is waiting to get settled or cater to some serious issues before he can pluck up the courage to ask you. If you love your man so much to want to propose to him, you must also know whether he is ready to tie the knot. If you have been living together, I am sure you can take time to guess whether he is marriage material or not!
  • Is he going to propose?

Are you ready to wait a while? What if he’s planning a surprise proposal? If not then maybe he has already hinted he wants to settle down. If he has been talking about spending the future together with you, ladies, take it as good omen. If he is really serious and sees himself with you down the lane, he is definitely the one, you will walk down the aisle for too!
  • Can YOU handle it?

    Proposing to your man puts off all the visions you had of being proposed it. Well for some girls, this is the moment they have been waiting to be swept by. So if you are absolutely ready to let go of that feeling when you’ll be taken off your feet with a romantic out of the box proposal, well then go for it!

It’s time! Prepare for the proposal. Let us help execute for you a brilliant proposal for your man!  Contact today for your complimentary consultation!


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