How Long Should you Wait?

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How long should one wait before they pop the question to their girl friend? A year, two or ten? One really doesn’t know how much should they the stretch the relationship timeline in hopes that one day their guy will eventually sweep them off their feet with a fairy-tale proposal. Here are a few questions that we asked the experts to make it easier for you decide!



Are you really interested in getting married?

Well the sooner you decide this, the better. Most of the women interested in hastening their walk down the aisle do so because ‘all their friends’ have either gotten engaged or married. Well ladies, that is truly a wrong way to think about getting hitched! I agree the prospect of wearing a shiny ring, and planning a day about yourself and the love of your life is enticing. But to do so just for the sake of it isn’t. If living together and sharing space isn’t making you feel attached to the current commitment, then maybe you should thinking about taking it a step ahead in the relationship.



Are you ready to do or ditch?

You read the question right, but let me rephrase here: If marriage isn’t on the cards of one of you, are you ready to compromise and wait till both of you are ready to tie the knot or ready to move on without your partner? This is one serious (or maybe harsh) way to look at things, but if marriage is indeed that important to you, it is better you answer this for yourself honestly before committing to a doomed relationship.



Why isn’t he getting down on one knee?

Before you get start fretting over this question, I advice you to think it with a rational mindset. Why is he delaying the Big Day? Surely if you are both equally irrevocably in love, he must start thinking of getting married too. There must be a valid reason for him to delay what you desire: education, job, or some other responsibility that needs his dire attention before he delves into a long-term commitment. However, if it’s not the case, then it’s better to talk it out with your man ladies!



Can YOU wait?

All it boils down to is, is he really worth the wait? If you’ve answered all the above questions with honesty and you still find yourself hooked to the current relationship, you don’t have to think for a second to answer this question. Do not base your relationship and the amount of time you are going to invest in the relationship on a pure ‘gut feeling’. What if he is waiting to get settled financially so as to secure a proper future for the both of you and eventually your children as well. Ladies, don’t look at the situation irrationally, and don’t ruin what you have with haste. Like they say, haste makes waste!



So how long do you think should the wait be?



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