How do You Tell She’s The One?

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Really, how does one tell that the person they have been dating is the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with? Couples claim to be in love all the time, but how do you pin point your one true love? Here are few reasons that I’ve jotted down that signal to you quite clearly: She’s the One!

Time to Settle Down

I believe when a man/woman starts to think about settling down, they have finally left behind their ‘partying’ days. This is the time you will realize there is much much more than living each day as it comes. You need proper planning, and you need a partner. With the love of your life, you feel you’ll finally secure an amazing future, and this is one of the first signals leading to a blissful marriage!



Time to Live Life

With her, you want to experience each and every moment of your life. The time spent without her seems hollow and vague and you feel her presence can brighten up even the most dull moments of your life. This is another way your heart is pointing to the girl of your dreams. You don’t want to just live the present with her, but have pictured her 30, 40 years down the road with yourself.



Her Family My Family

Some of the fellas out there might consider it a daunting aspect, but it is quite true. It’s one thing being there for the love of your life. And it’s another that you are genuinely concerned about her family members as you are about her and your own family. It’s not just birthdays and anniversaries that you celebrate together, but Christmases, 4th of July and Halloween as well! Just as you want to be with her in times of need, you want to be there for her family as well.



Envisioning The Wedding

You are not only day-dreaming about the wedding, but giving a serious thought about it. Men, don’t be shy, we all know you look forward to your Big Day with as much enthusiasm as a bride, so it’s absolutely fine if you start thinking about it before your engagement! Take it as one of the final signals you are to get about whether you need to pop the question or not!



Mother of your Children

When this thought has crossed your mind, boy you are ready! Envisioning the wedding is one thing, but when you start dreaming about having kids and that too with the woman you are dating, you should just stop whatever you are doing and head to the nearest Jewelry shop! The thought of being a daddy doesn’t scare you but it actually makes you happy beyond anything- you’ve finally reached a decision: She’s The One!



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