{Plan to Perfection} What can your Proposal Planner do for you?

San Antonio Wedding and Event Planners, Principles in Action recently planned this elaborate proposal for Geoff and Victoria. This had got many people asking us: What is Proposal Planning, and more specifically, what does a proposal planner do for you?

Amy DeYoung Photography

 This blogpost is for all those men or women who are finding it hard to pop up those four words. In this era, everyone is looking for a fairy-tale inspired surprise proposal, and friends, your lady love deserves this. So why not hire a proposal planner when you are fumbling to set up the right moment to ask her hand in marriage?

A Proposal Planner Knows

Proposal planners have been doing this for years, and more importantly, they are the event planners. Just like the execution of a perfect wedding reception requires year of planning, so does proposal planning, if you are looking to woo her the right way. Your proposal planner is well-acquainted with all the vendors, and for this reason can prove to be immensely beneficial if you want to set-up a grand surprise for your fiance!

Planning Personalized Proposals

Just like each wedding is planned keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the wedding couple, so is the proposal planning. Proposal planners, like myself, take meticulous readings about both the couple to best come up with a proposal that is near and dear to them for all their life. Everyone knows how to get on one knee, but only the pros would know how to get that ‘Yes!’



Proposal Planner the Perfectionist

Well unlike you planning the entire affair on your own,  and carrying the entire burden from thinking up of the idea, and then executing it, your proposal planner has a team of creative designers who will not only create a fairy-tale story like proposal for you, but execute it to perfection as well! You don’t have to worry about getting tongue-tied either, for a proposal planner is here to breath life to those four words for you!



Proposal Planner’s Female Perspective

It’s true. You do require a help from a lady friend to execute this proposal and since you can’t ask your fiance-to-be, it is better to leave it to the experts to handle it. They can give you a broad overview of what’s in and what’s out in the market. More importantly, their aesthetic abilities will help you formulate a never been done before proposal!



So what are you waiting for? Woo the love of your life and enchant her with a fairy-tale proposal !

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