{The Gracious Groom} Art of Being a Gentleman

I may have been talking a lot about the brides recently, but doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten all about the grooms. What makes us different from other San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants is our special attention towards the groom and his boy brigade…


Gentlemen are not born, they are made.  Good looks may be a striking point-good manners and etiquette are what distinguishes you from the rest- and makes you stand out as a gentleman. Here are few of the tips for those out there wanting to be their best among their ladies and fellow men.


Being Considerate

Being a gentlemen starts with taking small steps at a time. Even I can tell you honestly one can’t change overnight. So with that in mind, try to act polite whenever possible. Be courteous, not just to the ladies but to fellow men as well. Escorting ladies (irrespective of their age and status) when they stand to leave from a party/event, driving your friends home after a late night, and meeting people (even when you don’t know them) are a few of the ways you can show off your considerate side!



{Being  Gracious}

Graciousness I believe follows the art of being considerate. When you incorporate kindness into your manners, you will soon tend to view certain circumstances differently; and hence act the way a gentleman acts. For instance, avoiding the use of foul language in a public place (especially at a formal party) arriving at the designated time, and giving time to others. One thing I have seen rise among the generation  is use of excessive mobile-phones while in conversation with the others. Now gents, that’s a big no no! Give time where it’s due and ditch the cell unless it’s really necessary!



{Being Charming}

Presenting yourself in an attractive manner boosts up your points on the gentleman radar by manifold. One can shower daily but looking your best everyday requires much more than standing under a running water. If you’ve got a beard, trim it regularly, and that goes for your nails too! Keep a stock of ironed shirts so you don’t have to make do with un-ironed clothes on a day you are running late or have to go somewhere urgent!




{Being Thoughtful}

Being sensitive seals the art of being a gentleman. You may have the courtesy to arrive early at a party, but it takes a true gentleman to send a thank-you note the very next day to the hosts. Remembering birthdays is easy in this era, what with the smart-phones to help one out with this issue. However, sending birthday cards and gifts is what makes you shine through. The women in your life (your mother, sister, grandmother, wife, fiance or girlfriend) deserves much more than a peck on the cheek on their special days. Be sure to do something grand for them each year; and win their affection in an instant!




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