{Featured Post} Ring Designers You Should Know

As any future groom knows, picking out a great ring is an incredibly difficult process. The ring is a symbol and, in that sense, it should be beautiful and elegant. It’s also something the bride will be wearing on her finger for the rest of her life, so it needs to reflect her style, and it should be timeless and wearable every day. With this tough hunt in mind, we picked out these top ring designers to give you a sense of what a great ring can do.

  • Sylvie Collection – Sylvie’s beautiful rings hearken to vintage elegance. She describes her line as “affordable luxury” and I agree. These rings use clean lines and classic cuts that can accentuate any size stone. Another great thing to keep in mind – all her designs are customizable, so you can actively incorporate your bride’s style into the ring. All her rings also utilize ethical diamonds.
  • Mark Schneider Design – Many women know they want a more contemporary-looking ring, but it can be hard to find a beautifully styled one. Many “contemporary” rings just look like the jeweler got a little crazy at the drawing board and added all the doo-dads they could fit around one band. Mark Schneider’s designs manage to combine innovative looks with clean design principles.
  • Diana – Another thing that can be hard when choosing a ring? Finding an engagement ring with matching wedding bands that your guy might actually want to wear. Diana makes wedding bands that are stylistically unique yet simple. Together the engagement rings and bands make a beautiful matching pair, and they won’t make any jewelry-averse guy squirm. Diana’s brand is known for high quality metals, and they now offer less expensive options in palladium.
  • Kirk Kara – Some ladies just can’t resist the sparkle of a well-cut diamond and, for them, the more beautifully arranged stones on a ring, the better. Kirk Kara is a good choice for brides who love wearing a ring that will draw stares and comments. However, these rings manage to be gorgeous and eye-catching without being gaudy.
  • Gemvara – If you have a lady with a little quirk who wants to be in complete control of the ring she’ll be wearing for the rest of her life, Gemvara is a solid option. Sure, the website doesn’t have the same “gravitas” feeling of other ring designers (they make school rings as well after all). But they have a range of beautiful contemporary and classic designs that are customizable, and the pricing is transparent too.

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