Breaking the Ice: Bridal Shower Party Games

San Antonio Wedding Experts, Principles in Action, love to create fond memories for our brides and grooms. We’re not there just for your wedding, but we like doing it all the way. Today, Ansonya Burke shares a few tips to get guests at your bridal shower ‘rolling’. Hope you enjoy!


Truth or Dare

Well, this game never gets old. It’s one game that can break the ice anywhere, with anyone! There’s a pretty good chance not all your bridal party knows each other; so this game can really warm up the environment and lighten the mood! I suggest you plan this game if you’re having an outdoor bridal shower, it gives more options for planning a dare!




I Never

This one drinking game is perfect if you are having a small gathering of the people who know each other very well. The rules of the games are simple: All you have to do is declare one thing you have never done in the entire life and everyone who hasn’t drinks up. The one who has, doesn’t. It is sure to going to lead to some great/awkward discoveries which makes it all the more fun!





Know the Bride

This is another fun game which I advice  you play in a large gathering! Give everyone a list of questions aimed at the bride and make each guess how much they know about her. The person who answers the most questions right, gets a prize!




What She’ll Say

Another fun game is to get the bride to do a hard task (draw her hand, or ask her to open presents with just one hand) and note her reaction and what she says. After she’s done, one of her bridesmaids can come and recite what she said but as what she’s most likely to say on her wedding night! This one game is sure to get laughs all around so I suggest playing it with the closest to you in case you’re known to blush a lot!




Do you have any favorite ice-breaker to share? Let me know below!


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