Slipping into Perfection: Engagement Ring Trends 2012

San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, not only love to explore new trends but perfect it for their brides and grooms! We’re always looking for fresh, creative new ideas, and sharing them with you!


Here at Principles in Action, we have set aside a special ‘Proposal Package‘ for all those looking to impress the love of their life on their special day. The trend is clearly shifting. Now brides want to be included in their engagement ring hunt which I believe us somewhat fair as after all it is them who’ll be wearing the ring. However, this isn’t the only changing trend seen in the wedding industry. In my last post I gave you a thorough insight into the bridal wear … And this one is dedicated to all those grooms looking up the perfect ring to slide into their beloveds finger!

Cut is the crux

Yes gentlemen, you are sure to get dazzled once you step into the market to shop for the engagement ring. They may all seem the same to you but trust us women to tell you this: oh each is unique in its own way. The most common way to distinguish the ring is by the cut.


If your fiancé is a traditional bride, it’s better to opt for less fancier cut rings. Pear, cushion and oval shaped rings are what you should be looking for!


Simple yet Chic

If you have never been in a jewelry shop before and can’t distinguish your Rubies from your Diamonds, I suggest you take your lady with you to the shop. Women at the end of the day are women. So why not give the women you love what she’s going to love for ever more. Instead of picking an outrageous design just because the sales person said so, don’t. They are meant to be that way. Pick what she loves, not what the salesperson thinks she will.



Experimenting Engagement


Whether your bride is the vintage-lover or more modern, it’s no time to experiment with stones  that are unheard of. Stick to diamonds, sapphires, emeralds– preferably diamonds. Additionally, you are not just looking for design, but for comfort too. I advice you don’t merely guess her finger size but take proper measures either by asking her mother/sister or taking one of her rings to compare size.


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