Bridal Fashion Week 2013- What’s buzzing in the Wedding Industry?

San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, are all geared up for their 2012-2013 upcoming weddings. Today I give you a small recap to the trendy Bridal Fashion Week 2012 !!

The amazing Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Angel Sanchez, Carolina Herrera and many more showcased some of the most spectacular -never-seen-before- wedding gowns in New York Fashion Week 2013. The Spring collection featured some adoring trends some of whom to be honest I had never seen before!

Here I share the ones that caught my attention and I am hoping they’d do the same with you! Let me know what you think?

Strapless, Cap and Sheer Strap!

This time ladies you can have it all. Designers had fun it seems this year drawing attention to the brides in every silhouette and neckline possible. Strapless, cap and sheer strap are making a strong comeback, and I love it how they’ve created them so it shapes the bride perfectly!

Off with the White!

Another year, and we’re seeing white disappearing away slightly. Vera Wang, the queen of Bridal Wear bought along Black Silhouettes last year much to the astonishment of many in the wedding industry and this year she’s wowed us all again with her ‘Red Line’. Hmm it’s bright… but don’t you think it’s too bright for a Spring Wedding?

Peplum and Embellish!

Ah, my favorite! Bridal gowns without embellishments is like Spring without Rain. Right on the dot, designers worldwide are making the bridal walk down the aisle as fashionable as possible and this time with peplum and embellishments like these, you are sure to get swooned over by everyone !

Lace Love!

Lace can never get old– it has been there in the bridal industry since inception, and rightly so. It gives a clean finish to the bridal wear and if you are that Vintage-loving bride, I say these are for you!

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2 thoughts on “Bridal Fashion Week 2013- What’s buzzing in the Wedding Industry?

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