{Fairy tale Engagement Proposal} Geoff & Victoria

The entire team of Principles in Action Event and Wedding Design and I are proud to have witnessed, and to have planned a blessed and joyous occasion for two special people, Geoff and Victoria. I am extremely excited to share how we executed their ‘Out of the Box’ engagement proposal and took Victoria by surprise!

Everyone envisions a fairytale for themselves as a child, and as one grows old, they slowly come to realize how real life is so far away from fairy tales. However, for the couple whose story I am going to share today with you, the story played out exactly as it did in the fables.

Geoff and Victoria met in South Korea in early 2010. On a trip to Seoul their fairytale kicks in- as they were both stationed there (Victoria in the Air Force stationed at Osan Air Base (AB) and Geoff was working as a government contractor at Osan AB).
Fate brought them together there and they started their long-distance relationship for Victoria was to move back to US and Geoff to Afghanistan. Inseparable from day one, they decided to give this relationship a chance, and what a chance it was.
Shortly after when Geoff moved back, he learned another great news: He was going to become a father. Now anybody, stationed in Afghanistan, and starting a long-distance relationship would completely flip out over this, but not Geoff. He had vowed to himself to be Victoria’s soul mate and give her the happiness in the manner deserved.

Where he could’ve married her over the phone, he decided to do it like a real gentleman. And this is where Principles in Action and I come in. As Victoria was stationed in San Antonio, he contacted me to aid him in his Engagement Proposal.

Every Girl has her dream proposal of her knight and shining armor. According to the knot, 90% of women say they do not want to be involved in the planning of their engagement. Their dream is their boyfriend would do something very romantic so they would have something to talk about for the rest of their lives. The ladies want to be shocked!

Well I had the opportunity to meet such a young man, Geoff, who needed such a “WOW” surprise element idea for Victoria. Principles In Action Events and Wedding Design designed an Engagement Proposal around his request. I got the best vendors on board with myself to help this brave man in love.

Victoria’s surprise engagement was planned so she could get no hint of the upcoming news! I decided to pull up my acting socks and introduced myself as an acquaintance of Geoff’s parents and she brought that! This way I was able to take her with me during the way, while my Principles in Action team set up everything for the romantic dinner for her and Geoff later that evening.

Victoria was a gem to spend the day with. Our first stop was was Anne’s Nail and Day Spa 19141 Stone Oak Pkwy # 701 San Antonio where we got our feet and toes done in the VIP room. Then off to Makeup by Alyssawho did a wonderful job on her hair and makeup. I took her back to the hotel where she met Geoff and was escorted to Kendell Plantation in a Limo from A First Class Limousine.

My fabulous team along with Amy DeYoung Photography and Tony from TGCO Productions were there to witness and capture this beautiful occasion. Ryan and Greg at Events at Reese was also there to set a romantic atmosphere by providing linens, floral and lightning!
A dinner for two out at the Gazebo with a lovely waterfall and while they ate (a scrumptious dinner prepared by Chef Mike’s Nouvelle Catering), in the background Quartette by Vivaldi String Players played lovely romantic music taking her completely by surprise.

When dessert was served, Geoff called for the check and the waiter handed him the case with the ring. Such a magical moment it was when he got on his knees Geoff proposed to Victoria. And ofcourse, she said YES!!

The newly engaged then ran off to have their engagement photos taken for their night to remember! and what’s more they announced that evening that Principles In Action will be traveling to Kansas City to prepare their wedding next April!

How exciting is that? Now wasn’t that a fairytale proposal? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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