Sky’s the Limit! {Garden Wedding Inspiration}

San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, create events customized to the needs of each of the wedding couple. Whether you want us to step back into the Vintage Era to give you a romantic wedding, or create modern-day fairy tales for you, we’ve got it all.

Season is changing, and with that most brides I am meeting these days are asking me about decor inspiration, if they settle for an outdoor reception. Their sole motive behind opting for an outdoor setting is so that their guests can fully admire the beauty outdoors hold.

Nature Inspires

It’s the perfect wedding inspiration for all eco-chic brides- to host a wedding outdoors. You can pick your favorite nature spot: near a waterfall, a garden that you admire or even a forest (as long as it’s easily accessible and convenient to set up the wedding decor).

Breathe it Out

It can get really stifling inside if you have a large party to cater to, and are unable to fit people into a reception area; having the reception outdoors gives more room for you and your guests to mingle around: they can move around easily, and not just spend the time sitting on their designated seats!

Voila! It’s Vintage

It’s true! Wedding decor outdoors can turn into a vintage beauty (if you hire the right people that is!) Choose mellow colors that compliment the outdoors; if it’s an evening reception that you’re setting outdoors, I advice you use fairy lights to give a majestic glow to the outdoors.

Bringing Glamour Outdoors

I believe there’s much more you can do to an outdoor wedding setting that you can do indoors; for one you don’t have space limitations, for truly outdoors the sky’s the limit. I advice setting the date of your wedding in lieu of the full moon! The heavenly light from above is all it would take to glamorize your occasion!

Would you take the risk of setting your wedding outdoors?

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